How to Partner With Us

Stand out from your competition with our unique offerings supported by our unmatched technical expertise and experience.  As your technology partner, we offer you the Identix Platform with associated SDKs, APIs, and solutions allowing you to solve your identity assurance problems.

Our solutions are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and for qualified opportunities, stand-alone instances can be provided for implementation as a hosted solution or deployed at your location, in your environment.

We are constantly adding new capabilities to our portfolio.  And as new solutions become available, you are immediately able to license them and expand your offerings to the marketplace.  Your growth is only limited by your ability to bring a solution to market.  Flexibility with our business models and pricing make for an attractive approach to your identity assurance needs.

No other provider can match our complex and extensive collection of solutions.  Guaranteed!

Ready to partner with us?  Contact us today at 978-215-2555.

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