How We Do It

Simple. We relate real people to trusted identity records and in-person proofing events - providing strong authentication against a strong credential.

MorphoTrust's Identix platform benefits from decades of work by leading scientists and experts in biometric technologies, and secure credential design and production. Today, MorphoTrust produces 80% of all U.S. driver's licenses and state IDs; and, the company’s biometric offerings have become the de facto standard for the Department of Defense, FBI, Department of State and more than 30 State Motor Vehicle Agencies. All of this know-how is leveraged by Identix and our team of brilliant minds.

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  • Transaction Authentication

    Identity Verification to Access Accounts, Applications, Services and More

    Once a proven identity has been established, identity verification can be simplified by accessing a “proven record” in some cases, locally on a device.

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  • Identity Proofing

    Using Identity Characteristics to Make Certain Individuals are Who they Claim to Be

    Ready to prove someone is who they say they are? The most commonly accepted characteristics that comprise a person’s identity consists of…

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  • Enrollment of Real People

    Capturing Identity Data and Establishing a “Proven Identity Record”

    Enrolling individuals into programs, or for new services and accounts, has in the past, been completed in person.  Some applications can be started online but then must be completed in person.  Not anymore. 

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  • Multimodal Biometrics

    Secure, Accurate Identification through Face, Finger/Palm Prints, Iris and More

    The use of biometrics is increasingly becoming a widely accepted and reliable way to establish identity in many different applications – from public safety to simplifying daily activities to providing enhanced convenience.

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