Enrollment of Real People

Proven Identity Record

Proven Identity Record

Capturing Identity Data and Establishing a “Proven Identity Record”

Enrolling individuals into programs, or for new services and accounts, has in the past, been completed in person.  Some applications can be started online but then must be completed in person.  Not anymore.  The enrollment process can now be completed on a mobile device and may include:

  • The secure capture of required biographic information, such as name, address, and social security number, which can be verified against trusted sources
  • The capture and identification using biometric information which can be compared to a strong credential (driver’s license, state ID or passport) or fingerprints which can be compared to a biometric template
  • Authentication of credentials
  • Secure transmission of identity data
  • Secure storage of select data for future identity verification and authentication

The amount and type of data captured is dependent on the level of assurance and risk associated with the transaction.  Once a “Proven Identity Record” is established, it can then be recorded for future verification of identity to access services, applications or accounts and can eliminate the need for in-person visits.

Time to streamline the enrollment process and establish a “Proven Identity Record”?


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