Identity Proofing

Identity proofing

Using Identity Characteristics to Make Certain Individuals are Who they Claim to Be

Ready to prove someone is who they say they are?  The most commonly accepted characteristics that comprise a person’s identity consists of…

  • Something you have – driver’s license, state identification or passport
  • Something you know – social security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name
  • Something you are – fingerprints, face, iris, voice
  • Something you do – life experiences, history of behaviors/actions

Establishing a proven identity requires verification of one, or a combination of these characteristics, depending on the level of risk and degree of identity assurance required.  We facilitate trusted identity proofing using…

  • Document Authentication – software that confirms driver’s licenses, state IDs and passports are valid, authentic and unaltered
  • Data Verification – confirming the accuracy of securely submitted information against proven sources
  • Multimodal Biometrics – capturing iris, face, fingerprints, whole and partial palm prints through a standards-compliant device and compared to relevant databases

Ready to verify people are who they say they are with identity proofing?

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