Multimodal Biometrics

Multimodal biometrics

Secure, Accurate Identification through Face, Finger/Palm Prints, Iris and More

The use of biometrics is increasingly becoming a widely accepted and reliable way to establish identity in many different applications – from public safety to simplifying daily activities to providing enhanced convenience.  Facial recognition is how humans naturally identify one another and our software has been used for years to speed up and enhance this human process.

Our platform provides efficient processing of finger, iris and facial recognition through proven, best in industry algorithms.

  • Iris technology supports accuracy and speed in an extremely efficient template
  • Fingerprint technology combines minutia and pattern-based methods to provide the ideal balance between accuracy and speed for any given implementation
  • Facial recognition solutions are industry leading technologies since the early days of biometrics

Unique to the biometric industry is our multimodal matching engine.  Our technology captures iris and face through any still or video device, while fingerprints, whole and partial palm prints are captured through a standards-compliant device and then derived into a template.  Templates cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate an actual image of you. And, unlike your biographic information (name, date of birth, SSN, etc.), a biometric template is useless to criminals.

Are you ready to establish secure, accurate identification through multimodal biometrics?

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