Transaction Authentication

Transaction Authentication

Identity Verification to Access Accounts, Applications, Services and More

Once a proven identity has been established, identity verification can be simplified by accessing a “proven record” in some cases, locally on a device for transaction authentication.

  • Verification and Authentication Accessing a Remote Database
    • A driver’s license or passport can be scanned to authenticate the document and compare it against data from a “proven record”, and/or other trusted database.
    • A photo can be taken (or other biometric collected) for image comparison against a “proven record” or other trusted database, such as a motor vehicle agency.
  • Verification and Authentication Locally on a Mobile Device
    • The camera on a mobile device can be used to take a “selfie” which is compared against the photo taken at the time of enrollment, stored locally on the device.
    • The camera on a mobile phone can be used to scan a person’s driver’s license. The mobile device can detect an enhanced security feature in the driver’s license to authenticate it as well as compare the driver license photo with the “selfie” taken to verify identity.

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