Use Cases

Ready to give up those cumbersome usernames and passwords that need to be constantly changed? We can do that.

We have all grown accustomed to accessing our accounts, services, applications and various benefits whenever and wherever we are through phones, tablets and computers. But, you want and expect a level of privacy and security that you can trust to ensure your information is safe. And businesses want to be able to rely on that you are who you say you are. Time to give up those passwords and secure your credentials.

  • Create a Trusted Account

    In your traditional business, the ideal proof of identity is a government issued ID or driver license. You trust that ID because you know that the holder had to prove their identity to the government agency. With Identix solutions, you can create relationships with new customers and prospects with a very high degree of confidence that people are who they claim to be, because we leverage our deep install base and expertise in biometric identification, authentication and drivers license...

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  • Issue a Trusted Digital ID

    Today, many businesses have some sort of app or loyalty rewards membership. The challenge with this is that you can use practically any name you want to set up these accounts and make up other information that is being asked. Wouldn’t you like to have a better idea as to who your customers are?

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