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In your traditional business, the ideal proof of identity is a government issued ID or driver’s license. You trust that ID because you know that the holder had to prove their identity to the government agency.  With our solutions, you can create relationships with new customers and prospects with a high degree of confidence that people are who they claim to be, because we leverage our expertise in biometric identification, authentication and driver’s license systems.  Whether on-site, remote or via mobile, our low-friction solutions enable you to create a trusted account with your customers by leveraging our services everywhere identity matters.

Example application of the Identix platform: Know Your Customer (KYC) application process in Banking

More transactions are conducted via ATM, debit cards, online transactions and mobile than ever  before; and today, many people deal with more than one financial institution for several different reasons.  This remote and broad customer base introduces more risk to be managed, and while Know Your Customer (KYC) is already a familiar term within the financial industry, gone are the days where there is a tight, personal relationship between a customer and the branch office.

How do you make sure you really know who your customer is? With a Trusted Account.

Online or in-person, when onboarding or enrolling a new customer, streamline the consumer experience and authenticate identity documentation instantly.  Our authentication services can ensure that a driver’s license or ID is genuine and unaltered, and our identification and verification processes can compare data and biometrics to trusted databases.

Once a trusted account is created, that trusted identity can be used in future transactions – helping to reduce risk.


Now when a customer wants to transfer a large sum of money between financial networks, or wants to set up an account from a remote location, you now have enhanced knowledge and comfort in knowing who is conducting that transaction.

Shouldn’t all businesses know their customer?

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