Issue a Trusted Digital ID

Today, many businesses have some sort of app or loyalty rewards membership.  The challenge with this is that you can use practically any name you want to set up these accounts and make up other information that is being asked.  Wouldn’t you like to have a better idea as to who your customers are?  Issue a trusted digital ID.

With our Identix platform and solutions, you can create relationships with new customers and prospects with a very high degree of confidence that people are who they claim to be.  We leverage our deep install base and expertise in biometric identification, authentication and driver’s license systems.  Whether on-site, remote or via mobile, our low-friction solutions enable you to set up a trusted account with your customers by leveraging our services everywhere identity matters.

Example application: Accept a remote Digital ID as an official identity when dispensing controlled prescriptions, and accept the Digital ID at point-of-sale as proof-of-identity

Just about every pharmacy chain in America has a rewards card system which tracks purchases and provides discounts based on your buying habits.  This also extends into the actual pharmacy itself.  How many times are the customers asked for photo identification when picking up a prescription?  Probably not many.  Most ask for name and DOB and/or address which is generally easily obtainable.  And not ensuring who the person is could open up the pharmacy to increased risks and liability.

Don’t you really want to know who is picking up a controlled substance?

With a Trusted Digital ID, you can.

Adding a trusted identity to your existing apps and rewards programs ensures the customer is who they say they are everywhere identity matters.  From loyalty marketing, to prescription and OTC compliance, integrating trusted Digital IDs, as well as the tools to authenticate those IDs at the time of transaction, ensure reduced risk and enhanced operations and compliance.   Innovative companies will also leverage their customers’ Digital IDs to create customized customer experiences in brick-and-mortar locations or online.


Customers can present the Digital ID at the time of the transaction in order to prove they are who they claim to be to gain access to high-trust products and services, or to have enhanced service because they have proven their identity.

Other examples of Digital ID use cases include:

  • Online customer acquisition and transactions
  • Peer-to-peer transactions that require unique identifiers.
  • Transactions conducted in the sharing economy where there is a lack of infrastructure for identity assurance.

Wouldn’t you like to have a better idea as to who your customers are?

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