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Enable trusted transactions through fast, reliable identity verification

With products, services and SDKs enabling trusted transactions through fast, reliable identity verification – online or in person, we provide a high degree of trust that is rooted in our unmatched expertise in biometrics and secure credentials.

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Our offerings are the foundation for trusted identity.  We deliver a robust set of technology building blocks for commercial and government organizations with scalable solutions to support both public and private clouds along with hosted environments.

Fully optimized for searching, processing, comparing, and authenticating many types of identity records, you are able to verify identities to create accounts, grant access to applications, services and benefits, and stop potential fraud or misconduct.  Our cost-effective, flexible and scalable offerings, utilize a single or a combination of identity characteristics – identification, authentication and verification.

  • Identificationwho you are – using your biometrics – face, fingerprints, palm, iris
  • Authenticationsomething you have – driver license or passport
  • Verificationsomething you know – address, date of birth, social security number
  • Trusted Identity Platform

    The Identix Platform – a user-friendly identification and authentication SaaS that makes it easy for users to verify their identities in ways that feel natural, while offering the highest level of trust in online authentication.

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  • Hosted Identity Solutions

    Hosted Identity Solutions – Secure, online electronic identity credentials for high-trust transactions.

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  • APIs and SDKs

    SDKs and APIs – Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) verify and/or authenticate personal identities and identity documents.

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  • Document Authentication

    Document Authentication – Document Authentication software and libraries for integration with third party platforms.

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