Document Authentication

Businesses and government agencies rely on driver licenses, state ID cards, and passports to prove a person’s identity.  Quickly and reliably authenticating these credentials is essential but does not come without challenges.  There are many versions of the IDs within each state and visual inspection can be error-prone, risky and ineffective.  Knowing what to look for and where, is crucial.  Not even the most trained inspectors can know all of them.

Identix Document Authentication software gives you the confidence that the identification being presented is valid, authentic, and unaltered.  Easy to implement software removes the guesswork from your identification inspection and reduces your costs and business risks, all while enhancing safety, security and profitability.  The software and libraries easily integrate into third party platforms and is available for a range of devices and mobile applications, providing fast, reliable authentication.

Ready to authenticate credentials to ensure people are who they say they are?

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