Trusted Identity Platform

How do you ensure your online customers and partners are who they say they are? With increasing costs and risks associated with identity fraud, the ability to quickly identify individuals has never been more critical.  At the same time, the current ways companies are addressing these needs are inconvenient, difficult, and in some cases impossible for even legitimate users to successfully authenticate. False failure rates and abandoned transactions are at an all-time high because in an effort to reduce risk, companies have implemented technologies that make the user struggle to authenticate and verify their identities.

Trusted Identity Platform

To solve these problems, we have developed the Identix Platform – a user-friendly identification and authentication SaaS that makes it easy for users to verify their identities in ways that feel natural, while offering the highest level of trust in online authentication.

Our customer experiences feel natural because they are simply mobile or cloud based versions of how people claim their identities in real life.

  • Something you are: The real-life version of this is a customer doing business with someone who knows them, recognizes their face, and may even know them by name. The Identix version of this is to use mobile or web applications to perform facial recognition against a trusted document or database. It’s as easy as the person taking a selfie.
  • Something you have: The real-life version of this is a customer showing their ID at the time of a transaction, and having the business look at the ID and the person and make a judgement about if the ID is real and if the person in front of them is the same as the picture on the ID. The Identix version of this is to use mobile or web applications to take an image of the ID and use algorithms to determine that it is real, and then to optionally match the person doing the transaction to the photo on the ID.
    • This is our ID Verification solution using ID document authentication and facial recognition

The authentication of users can facilitate a number of business processes, including:

  • Onboard New Customers Online – As more and more customer relationships are formed online, it is now imperative that you have a way to ensure people are who they claim to be.  You want to build a quality relationship with these customers, and you also want to mitigate risks associated with fraudulent identities.  By implementing Identix, you can help ensure people are who they claim to be when you are first forming the relationship, then you can use that unique identity to build brand loyalty and customer affinity over time.
    • These services are especially important in ecosystems with multiple types of users, for example the sharing economy and peer-to-peer business models where participants on both ends of the transaction want to know who they are doing business with. The entire process can be automated with Identix.
  • Extend Your Customer Relationships – If you have existing customers in your CRM who have not been vetted, you can offer upsell opportunities or enhanced service in return for them verifying their identities.  This increases your confidence in your customer database, while decreasing your chances of risk and loss related to identity theft.
  • Pure Fraud Reduction / Risk Mitigation – Manage and help reduce your overall risk associated with fraud by implementing user and ID authentication at any point in your online workflows, either as a one-time registration process or ongoing for each transaction, depending on your identity risk.
  • The Identix Platform is offered by MorphoTrust USA – the Identity Company.
    • Undisputed market leader with over 50 years of experience, including best-in-class biometric programs for the FBI, Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of State (DoS), and 30 U.S. motor vehicle agencies.
    • 85% market share in U.S. Driver’s license issuance, and government contracts in every state
    • IdentoGO® Centers by MorphoTrust provide over 1100 convenient locations for fingerprinting and other identity-related services to over 4.5 million customers annually.
    • Highly experienced staff of renowned experts with decades of success delivering a complete range of secure identity programs
    • Largest and most-comprehensive document authentication library, including IDs, passports, travel documents and proof-of-identity documents issued around the world.

We are unparalleled in these areas:

  • Competencies in biometrics
  • Innovation in document authentication
  • Unparalleled performance in the most demanding environments
  • Solutions perfected through implementation in the world’s most demanding identity programs
  • Government quality solutions
  • Thought leadership on trusted identities

Your customers can easily prove their identities to the level of assurance you require, while enjoying a better experience with control over their identity.  You determine the level of trust you need; and we will deliver the right blend of technology and processes to help you manage the risk, budget considerations, and customer service.

Isn’t it time to verify identities, pinpoint risks and enhance your customer experience?

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